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A & D Counseling works hard every day in order to lead the way to sobriety.  We use our business to inspire and motivate others to be healthier and make better choices in their lives.


A & D Counseling trabaja duro todos los dias para liderar el camino hacia la sobriedad. Usamos nuestro negocio para inspirar y motivar a otros a ser mas saludables y tomar mejores decisiones en sus vidas.


We are working hard to serve you during the Covid pandemic.  We are taking intakes via zoom most services are still available by phone or by appointment.

Call us to schedule an intake.


A very comfortable setting, no judgments, just treatment.  A & D Counseling, LLC will meet you where you are and help you find your way.  We offer solutions, help you to make better choices and give you examples to chose from.  We encourage a  sober healthy lifestyle.

"I, myself, look forward to coming to A & D Counseling every week. I wish I could come more often as it is a place for you to vent or just say how you are feeling this week. Yeah, you're not watching Drug and Alcohol movies, but you LEARN the things you need to in a different way and a fun way. I've been to different classes before and it seemed like you were looked at like a criminal.  A & D Counseling treats you with respect and almost like family. We all are here to get advice on how to have a better life with alcohol or just don't drink and drive so it's a real treat to come to class."

"I highly recommend A & D counseling, very informative and helpful. I learned ways to change bad behaviors into positive thoughts and outcomes. If you are looking for a safe place to support you while your going through your recovery, A & D Counseling is the place. "